Alex Egan. I am a LPN and EMT Basic in the state of PA. I have been a camp nurse for seven seasons now. I started my camp journey at PA Vent camp, a camp for children who are ventilator dependent, for two seasons. I then moved to Camp Indian Head, a residential summer camp, for four seasons. I most recently worked for the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, which is a summer school program for exceptionally smart and talented children. When I'm not on camp I work in pediatric home health/PDN. I live in glorious central Pennsylvania with my wife and son who are supportive of my camp habit.   

I started Campfire Nursing to be a resource for new and experienced camp nurses, and nurses who are just thinking about working in the camp setting. The goal of this site is to make information, and community more easily available and free to access.

If you are interested in contributing to the site please contact me at