Below are the American Camp Association's  Health and Wellness standards at a glance, effective 2012. These can be found in their full form at:

Remember if your camp is ACA accredited then it must comply with each standard marked with a * in order to remain accredited.



Healthcare Personnel

HW.1 Health Care Provider: Resident camp must have a licensed physician or registered nurse on site daily. Day camp may have prearranged phone access.

*HW.2 First Aid and Emergency Care Personnel: A staff member with training in the appropriate level of first aid and CPR must be on duty at all times in camp and on camp trips.

HW.3 Away from Main Camp: For times away from the main camp, a staff member must be oriented to provide routine health care for participants and to handle emergencies.

HW.4 Staff Training: Staff must be trained in role/responsibilities in health care.

Health Screening and Assessments

*HW.5 Camper Health History: Health history information must be gathered from parents/guardians that includes current health conditions, past medical treatment, immunizations, and allergies.

HW.6 Health Exam: Each resident must assess the need for their campers to have a health exam. If one is required for the camp, it must be within 12 months.

HW.7 Health Screening for Resident Camps: The appropriate staff person must conduct health review and screening for incoming campers.

HW.8 Health Information Review and Screening for Day Camps: Procedures that require staff to review health histories of campers within 24 hours of arrival and collect any medications to be dispensed.

HW.9 Permission to Treat: Parents of minors must sign a permission form for camp to provide routine health care, administer prescribed medications, and seek emergency medical treatment.

Healthcare Practices

HW.10 Parent Notification: Parents/guardians must know when they will be notified of illness/injury of their camper.

HW.11 HealthCare Policies: Written policies must include scope and limits of services provided and authority/responsibilities of camp staff, and supplies, emergency health care assistance, etc.

HW.12 Treatment Procedures: Health care staff must follow written treatment procedures for reasonably anticipated injury/illness

HW.13 Inform Staff of Special Needs: Camp must inform appropriate staff of any special needs of campers for whom they're responsible.

HW.14 Special Medical Needs: For camp sessions primarily serving persons with special needs, the camp must have available sufficient medical staff, a system for evaluating the camps ability to serve persons with specific needs, and information about the camp's philosophy and approach to serving this population.

Healthcare Center and Equipment

HW.15 Health Care Center: Camp must have an area available that provides protection from the elements, has space for treatment, has an available toilet and drinking water, has 1 bed for every 50 persons in camp, and has a place for isolation/privacy.

HW.16 Healthcare Equipment, Supplies, and Emergency Assistance: The camp must identify necessary supplies, methods to obtain them, and procedures for emergency health care assistance.

HW.17 Availability of an AED: The camp must have access to an AED.

HW.18 Supervision in Healthcare Center: Persons in the health care center must be supervised continually.

HW.19 Medication Storage and Administration: All drugs must be stored under lock. Prescription drugs must be dispensed only under directions of physician. Nonprescription drugs dispensed only under written health care procedures or signed instruction of parent/guardian.

Recordkeeping and Health Records

HW.20 Contact Information: Information must be gathered on campers that includes name, birth date/age, name/address/phone of adult responsible for each minor, phone of emergency contact, and name/phone of individual's physician.

HW.21 Recordkeeping: Camp must keep a health log and reports of all incidents requiring professional medical treatment.

HW.22 Record Maintenance: All forms and records must be kept at least for the period of statutory limits.

Staff Health Information

*HW.23 Staff Health History: Health history information must be gathered from seasonal staff that includes current health conditions, date of last tetanus, emergency contact information and permission to treat.

HW.24 Health Screening for Resident Camp Staff: The appropriate staff person must conduct health review and screening for staff members.

HW.25: Contact Information for Staff Members Who Are Minors: Information must be gathered on staff members that are minors that includes name, birth date/age, and name/address/phone of adult responsible for each minor.

Short-Term Residential, Family Programs, and Camps Serving Rental Groups

*HW.26 Emergency Care Personnel: Camp must either provide or advise group to provide appropriately certified first aid/CPR persons.