S'mores and Sanitizer-Groovy curtains, careless chipmunks

S'mores and Sanitizer is a blog run by contributor Susan Sultzman. It can be found here This content was created on 6/24/14

It’s 6:30am but I’ve been up for an hour already. The three beautiful windows in my small room in the back corner of the Health Center lets in the early summer light and wakes me up early. The curtains, which clearly date back to the 70’s, are not much help in blocking the light, but they sure make my room look groovy. After three days of greeting the dawn personally, I add “sleep mask” to my list of things to buy when I make my way into town.

I love a short commute to work, so this year I’ve hit the jackpot. Instead of a room at the lodge, I am living in the Health Center due to a change in my job description. I’m now the night nurse 6 nights a week, so it makes no sense to have a room in the Lodge that I will never sleep in. I’m perfectly okay w this; I’m a night owl anyway and the other two nurses are not. I’m on duty 8p-8a and I do get to sleep (albeit lightly) if there are no pressing concerns. Last year I had only one sleepless night with a sick kid in five weeks.

So after all the meds are distributed, boo boos cared for, floors swept, trash put out, the day’s visits entered into the computer, and tomorrow’s meds pulled, I close the HC doors, leave the porch light on, and retire at about midnight.

The memory of my 6-night a week third shift schedule that I worked during the long, cold, extremely snowy winter is effortlessly blocked out from my memory and I sit alone now at the cold fire circle listening to the birds and watching the chipmunks scurry about. Two chipmunks were just dashing around the fire circle, oblivious to my presence, until they both just crashed into my hot pink Croc.

This is day 2 with the campers. My role with the camp is still evolving; during the day I’m doing all sorts of things. Yesterday I did some office work and made some calls to parents who have not yet sent in paperwork. This year I can expect to do a bit of everything, as I’m slated to be a jack-of-all-trades during the day. The first camp bell just rang, almost time for breakfast. I have no idea what today will bring!