S'mores and Sanitizer-How did I get here?

S'mores and Sanitizer is a blog run by contributor Susan Sultzman. It can be found here This content was created on 6/19/13

From December until May I had a contract with a different camp. It was signed sealed and delivered. Unfortunately, for some reason I did not understand the fine print, but there was a problem w a major detail in the contract that I did not discover until May. It was slipped in so quietly, and not what we had discussed at all. I had to quickly disengage myself from the agreement to work for them. I felt terrible about it and didn’t want to leave them high and dry so close to the season but I truly had no choice.

Desperately, I started googling different camps. I sent in inquiries by email or phone to perhaps close to two dozen camps. I promised kids camp. I wanted to deliver that promise. Within two hours of my initial search I had landed a verbal agreement with a camp way up close to the New York border. It was a lovely fine arts camp. However once I agreed to go to this camp, all of the other offers started rolling in within hours. I got emails and phone calls and I was starting to realize that a camp nurse in late May really has a wide selection of options for their summer experience.

After writing about five no-thank-you emails, and returning phone calls saying no thank you, one number popped up on my iPhone. It rang and rang. I was going to let it go to voicemail and call back later to say no thank you, but I felt a last-minute gut feeling that I should pick that call up.

It was the director of Camp Netimus. She sounded like such a lovely person that she won me over within the first five minutes of our conversation. She was kind, friendly, and just had a way about her that was irresistible not to love. I had to meet this woman. I have spoken to at least 20 different directors of camps in the last several years, and nobody, I mean nobody, exuded the enthusiasm and love for their camp as much as she did.

So I had a difficult decision. The director didn’t want to steal me from the other camp, but she was very enthusiastic about having me and hoped I’d choose Netimus. In the end the kids made the decision for me. In a side to side comparison, a fine arts Camp was no comparison for a camp with zip lining, a rock climbing wall, gaga courts, basketball, and exciting outdoor activities like that. So I sheepishly told the fine arts camp that I really appreciated the offer but my children did not think they would be happy there and I regretted not checking with them first.

Coming to Camp Netimus was one of the best decisions we ever made. I don’t truly believe in magic or miracles, but I have seen and felt things that came close to such in my two weeks here. The real “magic” of this place comes from the people whose love and regard for each other make great things happen. If I didn’t have to report to the health center to work in 15 minutes, I would tell you about them right now. But that will have to wait. Sorry!