Getting a Camp Job

Where to Look for Good Camp Jobs

For many finding a camp job can be a confusing process. Sites like Monster and Indeed pay to monopolize the job search results, however they are often the worst resources for camp nurse jobs. Here are some of my favorite sites for camp jobs.

Association of Camp Nurses - Simply the first ad best job board. It offers a wide variety of camps, and allows you to contact them directly. The site is divided by state only, and can be difficult to search. However it gets a lot of listings, and even has a section for year round camp jobs.  

Camp Nurse Staff - A job search site specifically for camp nurses. Similar to Indeed and Monster, this site allows you to search for jobs meeting your specific criteria and allows potential employers to reach out to you as well. You fill out a brief profile and then easily submit yourself for the camps consideration.

Camp Nurse Info - A basic job board that lists jobs by region. It was where I got my first job!

Here are some other great resources for nurses who are looking into camp nursing. They are must reads if you have never worked in the camp environment before!

Choosing a Camp

Spring will be here before we know it, and many nurses are looking for camps to work at this summer. Each camp has its own unique identity, so my experiences may not apply to you. My motivation is to help nurses avoid some of the mistakes I made when I was new at camp nursing. If you and your job are the right fit, the summer is over before you know it. If you are nursing at the wrong camp, the summer is endless.

Primary Care, Team Care, Who Cares?

Many nurses new to the field of camp nursing are not aware of the competing practice models for nursing service in the field. In fact for both new and experienced nurses entering the camp specialty success is often as much about the camps practice model as the individual nurse’s proficiency, and skill.

Camp Contracts for Beginners

Many nurses considering camp work are confronted for the first time in their careers with the prospect of negotiating an employment contract. Careful consideration and confident actions are often required to reach a satisfactory agreement for both sides. We will discuss some important things to consider when beginning negotiation or signing a contract.